Koen Vereecke keeps his promise
Three times P(i)eter in the CSI2* Grand Prix
Koen Vereecke does it again in the Giacataro Prize
€36,000 for auction topper BWFA
Christophe Vanderhasselt ensures yet another Belgian win
Virginie Thonon and Dayro Arroyave take the young horse finals!
Jan Lamberts and Hatchoum VL Z winners of the Grand Prix Windsor
Koen Vereecke wins again in the Verisure Prize
Another Belgian victory in the Grondwerken De Mol Prize
Mathieu-Maxim Goossens is the fastest in the Flanders Horse Event Prize
Wouter Devos unstoppable in the Mas Tu Vu Prize
Koen Vereecke number one in the STX Prize
Camille Demolie takes the victory in the Equnews Prize
Prize Euromat goes to Mathias Hazebroek
Virginie Thonon and Mark Bluman win the young horse classes
Pommery & Lebeau Courally Prize for Thibault Philippaerts
Pepsico & Deschacht Plastics Prize goes to Alexandra Ledermann
Ivan Dalton takes the RES Prize
Belgian podium for the Outré Prize
Second win for Melissa Laenen
Robbe Schelfaut in great shape!
Joris De Brabander Prize goes to Dirk Demeersman
Hendrik Denutte takes Stoeterij Van de Heffinck Prize
Robbe Schelfaut and Melissa Laenen take the first international classes
Wordt u ook publicitaire partner van Flanders Horse Event - Jumping Beervelde?
Merry Christmas and a Happy new Year
Marlon Modolo Zanotelli wins the Grand Prix of Beervelde!
Highest bid at the BWFA auction for Romana k van 't Kattenheye
Yann Candele wins the CSI2* GP
Prize Suez-Brandstoffen Maes goes to Koen Vereecke
Family affair on Family Day: Devos and Devos on top of the small GP
Belgium and the Netherlands win the finals for 6 and 7 year olds
Roger Mccrea takes the Vlacora-Verisure Prize
Michelle Debussere wins the showclass final
Jorien Livens takes the LJ Leathers Prize
Jonna Ekberg wins Tesla Prize
David Simpson wins the Lebeau Courally Prize
Stephanie Falisse and Bart Clarys win the young horse classes
Joël Kurmann wins the STX Prize
Van de Heffinck and van de Heffinck in the top three of the Prize... van de Heffinck!
Pieter Devos is the master of Beervelde
A top three that shines like a diamond!
Victory for Arnaud Doem in the 6YO class
Victory for Patrik Spits in the Outré Prize`
Another Belgian victory in the Brandstoffen Maes Prize
Another victory for Niki Geenens in the Prize Cavalor
Dieter Vermeiren wins the Prize FHE
The prize DM Fencing & Gates goes to Niki Geenens
Flanders Horse Event is almost upon us!
Maximilian Schmid wins Grand Prix OCP
Emilie Conter wins Prize Hippo TV – Plattelands TV
Tiffany's charm, Wouter's fighting spirit
Average price of 22.542€ for the BWFA auction!
Second victory for Patrik Spits in the Prize Coast
Tiffany Foster wins Prize Neptunus
Guy Williams wins Prize International Car Lease - Garage Vandenberghe
Patrik Spits wins Prize Simon’s Horseshop
Prize Cavalor for Jan Claeys
There is Devos!
Prize Express by Holiday Inn for Pieter Devos
Second victory for Hendrik Denutte in the Mas Tu Vu Jewels Prize
Two Belgian victories in young horse classes
Follow the BWFA auction via livestreaming
Flanders Horse Event moments: Hendrik Denutte
Two winners in Prize Feestpaleis
Masters for Thierry Goffinet
Hendrik Denutte wins Prize Garage Vandenberghe
Jorien Livens wins ’t Fornuys Prize
Prize Stephex for Virginie Thonon
Sanne Thijssen takes the BWFA Prize for seven year old horses
Sam Polleunis wins BWFA Prize for six year old horses
Joris Vergauwen wins Prize Segway
Julie De Pelsmaeker wins CSI2* Prize Air Plus
Carlos Motta Ribas: “Fun at every side of the arena”
Geoffrey Cobbaut wins first international test
Pieter Devos: “nice to ride in such a great atmosphere!”
Come preparty with us at Loland!
Big names to compete at Flanders Horse Event!
BWFA supports the CSIYH-tests at Flanders Horse Event!
The countdown has begun!

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