The renown Belgian Warmblood Foals Auction is traditionally the event of Saturday night at Flanders Horse Event. Yesterday evening, we had a collection of top quality foals that entered the arena of Flanders Horse Event. And this top quality was shown by the results of the auction. Dirk Zagers and Hubert Hamerlinck talk about a succeful evening.

The auction started with the painting “Jumping” by the Dutch artist Marli Hommel. 4000€ were offered to the Cancer Fund.

“In my opinion, three criteria are crucial for a successful auction:  all the foals are sold, the average price is elevated and as many as possible of those foals are sold at around the average price. All three of these criteria were completed yesterday”, Dirk says.

“We had an overall very strong collection. We’ve had that top foal sold for 62.000 euro last year, and a few people expected us to break that record this time. However, you need one exceptional foal to achieve that, and I prefer to have a lot of expensive foals.”

Mission completed: the BWFA auction went for an average price of 14.500€ last year to 22.542€ yesterday, and a total price of 541.000€.

“It was incredible. For the first time, the entire collection, the auction in its entirety, were on everybody’s lips and not just one foal. That is what’s important when you want to achieve long term results: an auction depends on good breeders, and the higher the average price, the bigger the chance that breeders with top quality foals want to be a part of next year’s edition. The organization proves that foals are sold for good prices here, and that creates trust.

“For me, this is proof that there is no better place for a top auction than Beervelde. I could almost feel the ambiance.  The atmosphere at Flanders Horse Event is incomparable.”

Hubert Hamerlinck is very happy with the results and closes the interview: “there was a lot of interest, from all possible countries: Saudi-Arabia, Australia, Germany, the USA, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands. There were also a lot of calls to bid on foals. This proves that our hard work pays off: the foals are more expensive every year, the quality of our collections keeps improving”.



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