Dutch-based Brazilian rider Carlos Motta Ribas is one of the many riders we have the pleasure of seeing again each year at Flanders Horse Event. Our Flanders Horse Event Ambassador, who obtained the second place in the Young Horses finale with Damian last year, explains why he enjoys riding at our event.

“I think this must be about the sixth time I ride in Beervelde”, Carlos begins.

“One summer, I was looking through shows and I liked the program of Beervelde. I enjoyed competing there and the contact with the organization so much I just kept coming each year”.

Carlos will only be riding one horse in the CSI2* classes this year, but we will definitely see a lot of him at Flanders Horse Event, as he is coaching his partner Katty King (BRA) and client Jasmine Chen (Taiwan) through the CSI2* competition.

“Coaching Katty and Jasmine will keep me pretty busy, so I decided to ride only one horse. I will ride the 2* Grand Prix, and I hope I can win it. Katty did well in Knokke, she obtained the fourth place in the Ladies Cup, so she has a good chance too. Jasmine rode at the WEG 2010, but didn’t ride for a while. She is showing two new horses as a summer training”.

When we ask Carlos why he enjoys Flanders Horse Event so much, the answer is as follows:

“Flanders Horse Event has all the ingredients that make a great show: a nice ring, a great atmosphere, a very ‘chique’ VIP, and the parties after the tests are a great way to combine nightlife and top sport. It’s a unique setting with the trees, and there is fun at every side of the arena with different kinds of people according to where you are. Usually, people go home after the classes, but in Beervelde everyone stays to party. These are long days for us… (laughs)”

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