The day ended with the Lebeau Courally Prize yesterday evening, a CSI3* Accumulator class over 1m40. In an Accumulator, the riders jump ten fences. For each clear fence, they can earn points: 1 point for the first fence, 2 points for the second one, and so on. Ten clear jumps means 55 points. The riders then have the option to jump a joker to try and earn 10 more points. A fault on the joker can however cost them 20 points. The big difference with a regular jumping class is that in this one, it’s the rider with the best time and most points that wins.


The victory in this class was for Irish rider David Simpson, who rode Starfighter (Stalypso x Contendro I) to a total of 65 points in a 48.61 sec. time. Portuguese rider Rodrigo Giesteira Almeida rode Elud (Clinton x Heartbreaker) to the second place with 65 points and 49.28 sec. time.


The third place went to the Dutch rider Ruben Romp and Happy (s. Lux Z), who also obtained the maximumscore, but was a bit less fast and performed his round in 50.33 sec.


Click here for the full results.

Picture: Fotoroyal

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