What a show yesterday evening in this last class of the day, the Pommery & Lebeau Courally Prize! On Thursday evening, Flanders Horse Event presented a CSI3* 1m45 progressive Accumulator with Joker: 43 riders started in this thrilling class.


In a progressive Accumulator, the riders jump a total of 10 fences and the intention is to gain points. The first clear fence is worth 1 point, the second is worth 2, and so on until fence 10. At the last fence, the riders can chose to jump the regular fence or the joker: when they jump clear on the joker, they get 20 points instead of 10. However, if you get a fault on the last joker, you lose 20 points. As you can imagine, we had a fascinated audience yesterday evening.


Dutch rider Johnny Pals was in the lead for a long time with the maximum score (65 points) in a 55.02 sec. time with Glasgow MB (Toulon). Two Belgian riders decided otherwise and sent Johnny to the third spot. Gilles Detry and Catwalk Capone also obtained the maximumscore with Catwalk Capone (Upsilon van de Heffinck) but were a bit faster than Johnny (55.°2 sec.) and obtained the second spot. But the winner of this class was Thibault Philippaerts! Thibault rode a perfect clear with Cataley 3 (Cachas) and performed a super fast round, stopping the clock at 52.49 sec.  On top of his trophy and champagne, Thibault also received a beautiful bag from Lebeau Courally.


The third day is well under way at Flanders Horse Event with the young horse classes.


Click here for the full results of the Pommery & Lebeau Courally Prize.

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Text: Kim Schoukens – Ekimedias

Picture: Flanders Horse Event


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